David Etheridge-Bartow is a graphic designer, illustrator, and web developer based out of Long Island, NY. His passion for the visual arts began in his early childhood as a fan of comic books and graphic novels. He taught himself to draw using his favorite comic books (Spider-Man, X-Men, and Spawn, specifically) as references. After joining an online video game community in his pre-teens, David began to teach himself graphic design to create a logo for himself. Soon after, he also began to learn coding to design and develop gaming and music-based websites.

By the time he was accepted into Hofstra University’s Honors Program, where his self-designed concentration was Graphic Design, David already had five years of experience using Adobe Creative Suite as well as web development program expertise, using HTML, CSS, and PHP. After graduating from Hofstra in 2010, he went on to intern for award-winning celebrity graphic artist, Steve Cas.

After his internship, he went on to do freelance work for various clients and organizations – including New York-based wealth management firm Unio Capital – who quite often praised his fast turnaround and the high quality of his work.

Most recently, David served as the primary graphic designer and web developer for the National Action Network in 2011 until joining JustLeadershipUSA in 2016, where he currently serves as Creative & Digital Manager.

While David is constantly exploring different creative outlets, including music, photography, animation and 3D modeling, he spends most of his free time experiencing the joys of being a husband and the father of two little girls.